Private Lessons & Certification

Private Lesson Pricing

2 Hours

$199/boat (1 Student)

$267/boat (2 Students)

$313/boat (3 Students)

$339/boat (4 Students)

4 Hours

$369/boat (1 Student)

$467/boat (2 Students)

$543/boat (3 Students)

$579/boat (4 Students)

Wrightsville Performance Sailing offers private lessons and certification so you can learn how to sail on our 26’ sailboat at Wrightsville Beach. Our private lessons are available in two and four hour increments for your group of up to four students. Offered by appointment and with no experience necessary, our sailing lessons fit around your busy schedule and our availability. One of our certified and skilled instructors will guide you on board while you learn hands on, steering, adjusting sails, navigating, and the peripheral knowledge associated with sailing. Successes and areas of improvement are easy to recognize on our responsive sailboat, while advanced sailors will enjoy the fine handling and balance. Our immersive environment tailors each lesson to your learning style, current skill level, and sailing goals. Private lessons are available for older children through seniors.


US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification

Certification through US Sailing is available after 18 hours of on water time with one of our certified instructors. We offer US Sailing Basic Keelboat certification with successful completion of an on water practical and written test. Our instructors comprehensively prepare you for the US Sailing requirements for Basic Keelboat and administer the exams when we confidently feel you are ready. Textbook, logbook, certification/testing materials and a one-year US Sailing membership are included for students pursuing Basic Keelboat certification via private lessons.


Why private lessons and not a public group certification course?

-Individualized instruction

-Greater time steering the boat

-Less group pressure/anxiety

-Schedule flexibility

US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification Challenge


If you already know how to sail and are seeking certification we also offer our Basic Keelboat challenge. This affords the experienced sailor the opportunity to “test out” of the minimum hours required by demonstrating their skills and knowledge through the on water practical and written test. Refresher lessons are available prior to challenging the course. Student must provide detail on their prior experience. Our basic keelboat challenge takes place within a 4 hour time block and includes all materials for testing.

4 Hours

$399/boat (1 Student)