Training Courses

The American Sailing Association and US sailing are the two major sailing organizations in the United States today. ASA and US Sailing standards are nearly identical and regarded very highly. Both systems have many excellent schools and instructors, and each system can claim “bragging rights” over the other in certain respects. US Sailing is the official amateur racing body for sailing in the US therefore if you’re interested in racing then this would be the preferred choice. ASA has a greater focus on cruising with a complement of progressive courses to get you to your goals on the water. Therefore, we highly recommend our neighbor the ASA accredited Blockade Runner Sailing School on Wrightsville Beach. Follow the links provided to learn more and don’t hesitate to contact us.

ASA Training

The perfect all-inclusive sailing package awaits! Stay at the Blockade Runner Hotel, walk down to our private Soundside docks, and begin your sailing experience aboard our fleet of J/22s. Our Soundside offers… [Read More]

US Sailing

Wrightsville Performance Sailing offers private lessons and certification so you can learn how to sail on our 26’ sailboat at Wrightsville Beach. Our private lessons are available in two and four hour… [Read More]